Custom views allow users to save searches, filters, and other settings to easily return to them later. Admins can view and search all saved custom views as well as create new custom views using Criteria VQL.

Accessing Custom View Configuration

The Admin > Configuration > Views page displays a list of all shared views saved within the Vault. You can search within them by name, description, tab, and owner. You can also select the Name of any views in the list to see more details.

From the Actions menu, you can export the list of views as either a CSV or Excel file.

Managed Views

The Managed field tracks whether a view is managed as part of the Vault configuration. By default, the Views page only includes managed views, but you can include all views by clicking Include Non-Managed Views. To undo this action select Exclude Non-Managed Views.

View Actions

From the Actions menu on a given view, you can:

  • Show in Tab: See the view as it appears in its home tab.
  • Assign Ownership: Choose a new owner for the view. The owner can make changes to the view’s criteria. If the previous owner is still active in the system, they will receive a notification that ownership of the view has been transferred.
  • Delete: Delete the view for all users.

Creating Custom Views

To create a new custom view:

  1. From the Views page, click Create.
  2. Select the Tab on which the view will appear and click Continue.
  3. Enter the View Label to appear in the UI for the view.
  4. Vault auto-fills the View Name field based on the view label value, but it is editable.
  5. Choose Active or Inactive for the Status. Users will not see views that are set to Inactive.
  6. Optional: Enter a Description of the view.
  7. Optional: Select an Icon to appear next to the view’s label in the UI.
  8. In the Visible to field, select the users and/or groups who should be able to see the view.
  9. Enter the VQL code for the view’s search criteria. Learn more about Criteria VQL in the Developer Portal.
  10. Click Save.

Editing Custom Views

To edit a custom view, select the view you would like to modify on the Views page, then click Edit. You can change any of the view’s fields with the exception of Tab.

By default, Vault Owners and System Admins have permissions to Read, Create, Edit, and Delete views. Business Admins only receive Read permissions.

The following permissions control your ability to create and modify custom views:

Type Permission Label Controls
Security Profile Views: Share Views Ability to share custom views with other users.
Security Profile Views: Make Mandatory Ability to:
  • Add a custom view to other users' sidebar and make it non-removable
  • Select custom view icons