Vault provides standard fields for tagging documents required for positive and negative lists, allowing users to maintain compliance with health authority regulations in France. When integrated with Veeva CRM, Representatives can view positive and negative list documents via MyInsights, indicating which documents must, can or cannot be shown to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). As print materials expire, Representatives are notified via MyInsights to destroy the materials and confirm the destruction, ensuring traceability.

Configuration Overview

You must complete the following configuration steps to use positive and negative lists in Vault:

Configuring Document Fields & Field Layouts

Before using positive and negative lists, you must first configure the document fields and field layout:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Document Fields > Material.
  2. Click Add and select Existing Shared Field.
  3. Add the following fields: Add to Positive/Negative List, Positive/Negative List Name, and Delivery to HCPs.
  4. Navigate to Configuration > Document Fields > Shared Fields.
  5. Click Add to Positive/Negative List, then click Edit.
  6. Under Display Section, select Submission Details.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Repeat steps 4 – 7 with the following fields: Positive/Negative List Name and Delivery to HCPs.
  9. Navigate to Configuration > Field Layout > Submission Details.
  10. Click Edit.
  11. Reorder the fields to group the following fields together: Add to Positive/Negative List, Positive/Negative List Name, and Delivery to HCPs.
  12. Click Save.

Configuring the Positive/Negative List Object

Next, you’ll need to configure the page layout and fields for the Positive/Negative List object:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Objects > Positive/Negative List.
  2. Click the Fields tab, then click Create.
  3. Configure the new field as follows:
    • Field Type: Object
    • Label: Country
    • Object: Country
    • Select the Display in default lists and hovercards checkbox
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the Page Layouts tab, then click Positive/Negative List Detail Page Layout.
  6. Click Add Section and select Related Documents.
  7. Add the following information:
    • Referencing Document Field: Positive/Negative List Name
    • Section Label: Documents
    • Criteria VQL: country__v = AND add_to_positive_negative_list__v = 'true' AND status__v = 'Approved for Distribution'.
  8. Click Done.
  9. In the Documents section, click Edit Columns.
  10. Move the following fields from Available Columns to Displayed Columns: Add to Positive/Negative List, Delivery to HCPs, Expiration Date, Country, and Product.
  11. Click Done.

Configuring the Material Document Lifecycle

Updating the Material document lifecycle allows Vault to add expired documents to the Negative List report. If the Veeva CRM integration is enabled, MyInsights flags expired documents on the negative list and notifies representatives to destroy the material.

Note that the Material document lifecycle is the default lifecycle for promotional materials, and may have a different name in your organization’s vault.

To update the Material document lifecycle:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Document Lifecycles > Material > States > Expired.
  2. Click the Entry Actions tab and click Edit.
  3. Click Create Entry Action.
  4. Select Perform with conditions.
  5. Select Add to Positive/Negative List > equals > Yes.
  6. Under perform actions, select Set field using formula.
  7. Select the Delivery to HCPs field and enter formula 'not_authorized_negative_list__v'.

Configuring Workflow Considerations

While configuring positive and negative lists, you may want to update your workflows to include a task to complete the new document fields for any relevant countries.

Configuring Field Dependencies

You can configure field dependency to ensure that Vault correctly displays fields on Material type documents:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Field Dependencies and click Create.
  2. Select Controlled by document field.
  3. Under Type, select Material.
  4. Under Field, select Add to Positive or Negative List.
  5. Click OK to open the details page.
  6. Under If field, select No.
  7. Add the following dependency rules: Positive List Name is hidden and Delivery to HCPs is hidden.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Repeat steps 1 – 5.
  10. Under If field, select Yes.
  11. Add the following dependency rules: Positive List Name is required and Delivery to HCPs is required.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Repeat steps 1 – 3.
  14. Under Field, select Country.
  15. Click OK to open the details page.
  16. Under If field, select France.
  17. Add the dependency rule Add to Positive or Negative List is visible.
  18. Click Save.

Note that you can add other countries as desired by repeating the process above. For example, if you want to monitor expired printed materials for the United Kingdom, you can add field dependencies on the Material document type while selecting the United Kingdom under If field.

Configuring the Reports

The Positive List and Negative List reports are automatically added to your vault when the Veeva CRM and Vault Data Hub integration is enabled. If you choose not to enable the Veeva CRM and Vault Data Hub integration, we recommend that you deploy the reports using a configuration migration package. Click here to download the VPKs, then deploy the workflow configuration. Deploying the packages adds the reports to your vault.

Once the reports are added to your vault, you’ll need to add filters to each report and configure them to best fit your business requirements:

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab.
  2. On the Positive List report, click the Actions menu next to the report name and select Edit.
  3. Add report filters as desired. For example, Expiration Date is after today()-1 and Document States equals Approved for Distribution.
  4. Click Save.
  5. On the Negative List report, click the Actions menu next to the report name and select Edit.
  6. Add report filters as desired. For example, Expiration Date is before today().
  7. Click Save.

You can complete all steps in this article with the standard Business Admin, System Admin, or Vault Owner profile. If your vault uses custom security profiles, your profile must grant the following permission:

Type Permission Label Controls
Security Profile Objects: Positive/Negative List: Read, Create, Edit, Delete Grants ability to view, edit, and manage Positive/Negative List object records.