PromoMats manages the challenge of reviewing and approving promotional materials, claims, and supporting information, within the context of an increasingly difficult regulatory environment. PromoMats provides organizations with real-time collaboration capabilities for external agencies and globally-dispersed teams. In addition, this application offers integration features that provide seamless content distribution across multiple communication channels, including websites, closed-loop marketing (CLM) solutions, and traditional print.

PromoMats users typically fall into one of four categories:

  • Agency users can benefit from Vault’s flexible license types and security profiles, which allow organizations to grant external personnel access to functionality like document upload, checkout, and versioning, while restricting access to non-relevant documents, objects, and metadata.
  • Coordinators organize meetings and content to be reviewed within those meetings. Within Vault, the Coordinator role gives users special functionality for managing workflows and tasks.
  • Brand managers are in charge of the overall marketing message of the product, should be included in the QC process, and should be aware of any design and content changes. Generally, brand managers will have the Owner role on documents, which enables them to have the most control over the piece.
  • Medical, legal, or regulatory reviewers are responsible for reviewing content to make sure it is free of errors before submission. These users are assigned to review tasks and expected to annotate the document with changes that are needed, so that the agency is able to correct the piece as fast as possible. Their approval is needed before the piece can be submitted to the health authority.

PromoMats Features

PromoMats is built on the Vault platform and therefore includes the features described in the platform help topics. In addition, it includes a data model and capabilities specific to managing regulated promotional materials:

  • Object Configuration: Vault PromoMats’ data model provides the Product, Country, and Applicant objects. Organizations can use this configuration as-is or further tailor it to their needs.
  • Compliance Binder Templates & Form Generation: Standard binder templates streamline the process of creating compliance packages. PromoMats can also automatically generate 2253 forms to facilitate easy FDA filings. The Applicant object allows organizations to provide application information like responsible officer name and contact details for 2253 forms.
  • Country-Specific Regulatory Workflows: Vault PromoMats includes workflows for generating required materials, like form FDA-2253 for the U.S., and the self-certification process in the U.K. In addition, Vault PromoMats enables administrators to design workflows to support additional company specific or local market requirements, speeding time-to-market globally.
  • Medical Legal Regulatory (MLR) Review: Vault PromoMats automates and streamlines the MLR process by offering automated versioning, powerful search, and real-time annotations. Configurable workflows allow companies to design approval processes specific to their organizational needs. Features like electronic signatures and audit trail help maintain chain of custody, ensuring accountability throughout the review process.
  • Document Linking: With this functionality, you can create links between specific pages, images, or charts in two different documents. For PromoMats, this allows you to link to specific claims or reference documents within a promotional piece.
  • Reason Selection When Making a Copy: This functionality allows you to select a reason when you copy a document.
  • Integrations: With CLM, Engage, and Approved Email Integrations, PromoMats organizations can seamlessly streamline their multichannel publishing processes, using Vault as a content repository. Integrating these publishing needs with Vault ensures that your audience always sees the most recent approved version of all content. These integrations include additional objects like Survey and Website, which support the integration features.
  • Public Content Distribution: Public Content Distribution allows you to integrate Vault content with your branded sites, using an embeddable external viewer. By utilizing this, you ensure that your audience will always have the latest approved version of the content.
  • Brand Portal: Brand Portal allows brand managers to curate and share specific content with brand teams in a simplified user interface. Curating and managing content in Medical Portal helps to promote reuse of existing materials and prevent duplicate work.
  • Text and Claims Management: Text and Claims Management allows you to automate the generation of reference links on claim statements in promotional materials. Admins can configure claims and associated references in Vault, which users can quickly review and accept them using the Suggest Links button. This functionality was previously called Automated Claims Linking.

Multichannel Overview

Vault Multichannel is an essential part of Veeva’s customer relationship marketing solutions and is available with Vault PromoMats and MedComms applications when specific integrations are enabled. Multichannel features allow organizations to develop and deliver content through a variety of channels, organize data, and help customers interact with healthcare providers.

Multichannel integration options provide seamless content distribution across multiple communication channels, including Engage, closed-loop marketing (CLM) solutions, and Approved Email.

Multichannel Integrations & Features

Multichannel covers three distinct channels: CLM, Engage, and Approved Email. Developing content for these channels is critical to the success of customers’ communication goals and is a significant commitment for organizations and their content agencies.


  • CLM & Engage: With CLM and Engage Integration, users can leverage Vault to review and approve content, then seamlessly publish that content to CLM and Engage in Veeva CRM.
  • Approved Email: Veeva Approved Email enables reps to quickly and compliantly email approved content directly to customers and see the interaction data through Veeva CRM. This integration both ensures that only approved content is distributed and tracks the distribution of specific documents, including medical content and promotional pieces.
  • Events Management: Events Management Integration allows users to create and edit CLM, Engage, or Approved Email content within Vault for specific events in CRM.

Multichannel Features

  • Create Presentation: Create Presentation allows users to create multiple Multichannel Slide documents and a Multichannel Presentation binder from a single document.
  • Copy to Another Vault: This feature allows users to copy a Multichannel Presentation binder, its slide documents, its sub-presentations, and its shared resources from one Vault to another.
  • Single Document Multichannel Publishing: Single document multichannel publishing lets users manage the distribution, creation, versioning, and withdrawal of multichannel content directly from an original document.
  • CRM Vault Metadata Sync: CRM Vault Metadata Sync gives users the option to have Veeva CRM manage CRM Products, Directories, Surveys, and Content Types in Vault.
  • BEE Email Template Editor: BEE is MailUp’s drag-and-drop editor for responsive design emails. With the Edit Email custom action, you can use BEE to edit email templates in Vault.
  • CRM Publishing: The CRM Publishing tab allows you to trigger the integration sync process between CRM and Vault, which syncs slides and presentations for Engage, Approved Email, and CLM integration.
  • Multichannel Loader: The Multichannel Loader allows users to create and update presentations and slides in bulk.
  • CRM Message Templates: Message templates enable reps to quickly select an approved message when sharing web links with HCPs. Admins can create and modify templates in Vault.

Standard Connections

RIM to PromoMats Vault Connection

This connection between a RIM Submissions Vault and a PromoMats Vault automates compliance package generation and submission to the FDA through the gateway. See details about the RIM to PromoMats Vault Connection.